A general historical timeline concerning the Audi vehicle manufacturer

Published: 15th August 2011
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The day Audi was established it was an exciting occurrence and people were eager to see the fresh models of car and what the Audi designers could provide to the public. They were also eager yo see whether a fresh car firm could alter the way that people drive.

Hype and excitement such as this comes from the initial days of the car industry, where cars were cars were hardly ever launched, unlike the world of today when models are launched one after another. As it was such a special moment the press and ordinary laymen were exceptionally excited to see the innovative product.

In the few years after the initial inception of the Audi motor firm, the big bosses had plenty at risk and no guarantee of success. But after a few short years Audi became reasonably prosperous and according to www.autotug.com the company showed some initial and promising signs of growth.

This might be because the moment they came about Audi created ground-breaking vehicles that utilised expertly designed engines and technology. The firm also assisted the car sector to adapt and move along, by developing technology that has made driving more enjoyable and safe.

In this expanse of time a number of models were manufactured and launched, which resulted in a high number of drivers hitting the road in an Audi instead of other popular vehicles. This perhaps had something to do with the originality and novelty of the Audi models of the time. Indeed, a selection of diverse and prominent models were created and it was these very vehicles which helped consumers to connect the company together with practicality, success and functionality, not to mention superb design and colour.

Immediately after this Audi became a raving success and their appeal as well as sales figures improved dramatically, which is a pattern that is still continuing, even today. In reality, those models helped to carve a niche for itself as a leader in innovation in manufacturing practices. This was a milestone in the firm's creation of its personal identity and popularity, which led to high levels of sales for the company. In addition to this Audi received a selection of design awards and trophies.

Developing low carbon technologies have become a big part of Audi in the recent years. Some of these steps have included taking steps towards cutting back on the CO2 output of their cars by making fuel efficient engines and alternate fuel options. As well as electric, Audi are also developing hybrid electric power train technology, which has already been placed within developmental models. This technology has been inputted already in concept motor cars and will shortly be used in a selection of models under production.

If these changes are implemented they should help to secure the future of the company. By that point Audi car leasing from www.autotug.com will not only be more inexpensive than purchasing a motor car but it will also be kinder to the earth.

Hopefully, this profile of Audi should make you more aware of the company and how they have ploughed through the years to become a leader in automotive manufacturing. You might also find it helpful if you are thinking about leasing or buying an Audi but want to learn as much as you can before you invest your capital.

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